Sound Impression: Mt. Judge – Songs for July & August

Mt. Judge is a project from London-based musician Tom White. Arguably a bit underexposed and underappreciated in the ambient community, his releases consistently offer an evocative coalescence of interesting field recordings and warm, expansive drones along with an adherence to minimalist simplicity as conveyed by the monochromatic album covers.

His latest effort entitled Songs For July & August fits nicely in this ongoing motif and is a fine place to start for the uninitiated. Modest, unpretentious, and thoughtfully constructed, it is a particularly introspective set, akin to a window-sitters daydream with five concise sketch-like tracks followed by a pair of longer and more abstract explorations full of rich tones and deliciously grainy textures, a perfect mental exfoliation at the end of a long day.

If you enjoy this release, be sure to also check out Lights (2014) and Time’s Machines (Adult Teeth, 2013).  Fans of pure field recordings should also enjoy Scales/Patterns (2015).  Songs for July & August is currently on offer as a digital release only on a pay-what-you-want basis.


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