Sound Impression: Kirill Nikolai – Letting Go Variations [Fluid Audio]

Letting Go Variations is a more than fitting title for this collection of four plaintive, delicately ornamented constructions by Kirill Nikolai recorded by the artist in Seattle, Washington during the Summer of 2015. Ambient swells tugged by an undertow of wistful strings lap against the shores of memory in an ebb & flow full of unfulfilled longing.

The resulting music is a dying rose, a love letter written in notes to someone who never received or returned that love. ‘Letting Go Variations’ is a haunted recording; not of a spirit, but of a tired soul. – Fluid Audio

What I found most remarkable about taking this journey is the healing effect of the music despite its melancholic disposition. The mood is still and somber, but there is an underlying tenderness and vulnerability lacking any trace of bitterness. The dying rose may slowly be shedding its petals, but deep in the music is the knowledge that it will eventually bloom again. Letting Go Variation is a very thoughtful and beautiful work ideally suited to contemplative listening in an autumnal mood.


The physical edition of Letting Go Variations is currently sold out, as almost all Fluid Audio releases are within hours of being announced, but is still noteworthy for its bespoke packaging including a pair of mini CDs with miniature Gesso card prints and an antique engraved/embossed book from the Little Leather Library collection along with a scent and a dried flower. Digital copies are available through Fluid Audio’s digital outlet, Facture.

Links:  Fluid Audio (sold out) |  Facture Bandcamp (digital only)

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