Sound Impression: Unblurred Variants by Velleitie


Velleitie is a music project started in 2013 by Indiana native Sean Kase while living in Chicago. I confess to no knowledge of his music before stumbling upon Unblurred Variants, but since discovering it, have not been able to escape the undertow of these five melancholic, billowing drones which suspend time while being arced across by undulations of cello and bowed guitar.

A purity of intent and profound stillness prevails throughout as the sounds waft through the mind expressing a range of emotion from plaintive to hopeful and earthy to ethereal with just enough subtle contrast in each piece to never lapse into blandness with perhaps “This Is the Safety They Deliver” standing out as the most emotionally gripping of all. A very thoughtful and beguiling collection to be sure.

Unblurred Variants is currently available as pay-what-you-want download or in vary limited vinyl pressing with cover art by Jan van der Kleijn. See the Bandcamp link below for details.