Dear Avalanche – Lights & Motion [Deep Elm]

Four years ago Christoffer Franzen released his debut album as Lights & Motion. Reanimation was the culmination of many months of long Scandinavian nights spent in the studio composing, performing, and engineering an uplifting and distinctly cinematic style of post rock to the delight of a close-knit group of fans gathered on social media who knew they were hearing something special from the first snippets and fragments that emerged during the embryonic stages. As much a fan of Hans Zimmer as Explosions in the Sky, the ever-prolific Franzen has gone on to a release a trio of albums of music oriented towards film & television under his own name along with three more Lights & Motion records, the newest of which is entitled Dear Avalanche.

“While it may sound paradoxical because an avalanche is so dangerous, it reminds me that there is always a precious silver lining in everything that happens. Events in your life will threaten to overpower you, but there is strength in facing them head on, accepting them for what they are and choosing always to look for the positive message in all the hardship and struggle. I hope people listening to this album will feel like they’ve been taken on a journey, as I worked hard at creating a world of sonic panoramas to get lost in.” – Christoffer Franzen

photo_571Those words get to the heart of not only the new album, but the essence of Franzen’s now substantial body of work. He may be a songwriter and a one-man band per se, but more than that, he has become a creator of moments and he imbues those moments with ebullient emotion, wide-eyed enthusiasm and irrepressible optimism lending them a truly wide-screen cinematic scope, an opinion apparently shared by an impressive list of major films, networks, and corporations that have licensed Franzen’s music to help grab people’s attention.

For all these reasons, the songs on Dear Avalanche will have an air of the familiar to those who have been following along since the beginning, but there are still plenty of fresh sounds and textures as Franzen challenged himself to try out new ideas including recording a ten piece choir and incorporating a vintage synthesizer sounds and electronics. The result is his most refined and potent sounding record yet, one that should have your spirits soaring by the time the credits roll.

Dear Avalanche is now available as a digital release via Deep Elm Records along with all other Lights & Motion and Christoffer Franzen albums on their Bandcamp page.


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