Josh Mason & Nathan McLaughlin – On the Brink [Eilean Rec]


Collaborative releases are not the mainstay of the Eilean Rec. label, but when they appear, they are always something special. The latest of such is On the Brink which brings together two authentic sonic explorers from the eastern seaboard of the USA – Josh Mason (Jacksonville, FL) and Nathan McLaughlin (Hudson, NY). The album is a metaphorical journey from a unique perspective that examines the state of mind as one faces the possibility of failure.

“…we traveled together with the wind on our faces, holes in our shoes and short that one layer that can provide the necessary comforts we tend to rely upon. raw nerves, biting hunger and a drive to see the unknown corners kept us moving forward. we can offer these markers and surveys as proof of our trip and as evidence of what lies slightly beyond our immediate purview but with a combined effort – within reach.” – Nathan McLaughlin & Josh Mason

Mason and Maclaughlin weave together a restrained, but compelling narrative in one sprawling 54-minute track using guitar, strings, and other sonic ephemera which they subject to tender ministrations via computer, tape machines, and reel-to-reel. They capture the feeling of being threadbare against the wind, isolated, and tentative, but also a wide-eyed sense of stillness and glowing embers of optimism which pull us back from the brink of despondence and resignation. The subdued and delicate aural constructions are mesmerizing and rich enough in detail to offer something new each time the journey is taken. This is one road trip anyone who appreciates electroacoustic sound art will not want to miss.

On the Brink will be released by Eilean on February 2 for digital download and in their customary sealed & hand numbered limited CD edition of which only a handful remain available to pre-order at this writing.