Travelogue 2017.01.29 – Exploring Past, Present and Future With 36


In the space of ten months, Dennis Huddleston has released three albums from his experimental ambient project 36 (pronounced three-six). Far from making music to simply zone or chill out to, Huddleston often weaves rich thematic and imaginative material into his sonic tapestries for an especially emotive and cerebral listening experience. Considered together, this trio of albums cover a vast perspective spanning past, present, and future. 

Tomorrow’s Explorers

“The true unknown lies in the worlds beyond our own. It’s likely that in the next few decades, humans will finally have the means to take our first tentative steps on the surface of our neighbouring planet, Mars. We will be the first known species that has both the knowledge and the desire to transcend our existence beyond our home planet and expand further into space.”


Building on the cosmic theme he began on his 2015 EP Sine Dust, Huddleston muses on future exploration of the universe, though this time around he enriches the synth-based sounds with lush string sections to create something even more expansive – an album that captures the serene and boundless beauty of the cosmos as it builds up to the intrepid sense of adventure conveyed by the sumptuous and lively 13 minute title track.

Tomorrow’s Explorers is due to be released on January 30 in a limited 12″ black vinyl edition. Digital downloads are also available.

The Infinity Room

“What is just one room (my studio) becomes many rooms when working on music. From this single point, countless possibilities exist and this is where the concept for ‘The Infinity Room’ takes root. It’s the thrill of taking a small idea from an ocean of possibilities, and watching it grow into something far grander.”


Released several months ago through A Strangely Isolated Place, The Infinity Room is an exploration of the infinite possibilities of the present. Here, Huddleston takes the same group of core sounds “evolving and mutating” them over the course of 10 tracks with each one opening the door to the next, creating a timeless and multi-dimensional view for the listener from the same raw material that constantly changes shape.

The Infinity Room is currently available as a digital release. A striking red limited vinyl edition was pressed but is currently sold out.

Seconds and Forever

“We stood on the edge of forever
One final dream into time
A silent voice in an empty room
The numbers; We never truly knew”


The focus shifts to the past on Seconds and Forever which Huddleston conceived as a soul-searching reflection at the end of one’s life architected to play out, not uncoincidentally, in exactly 36 minutes split evenly into two 18-minute movements. This is an emotive journey through inner space with sonic and structural nods to early electronic music pioneers such as Tangerine Dream, an oft-cited influence of his.

Seconds and Forever is available as a digital download and limited white vinyl edition from Spanish label Mystic & Quantum of which a handful of copies remain available at this writing.

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