Sound Impression: Brus by Vargkvint


Inspired by the forests, oceans and folklore of her native Sweden and named after a dissonant music interval occurring in ancient tuning systems (“Wolf fifth” in English),  Vargkvint is an enchanting solo music project from Sofia Nystrand. Her debut EP Brus is a completely DIY effort which she composed, performed, mixed, mastered, designed, and released on her own.

The style she presents is a beguiling balance between alluring elegance and stark minimalism. Nystrand’s ethereal voice may seem fragile, but it is more than strong enough to carry passages with the barest of accompaniment and the moments when full voice, melody, and instrumentation effloresce at once are astonishingly beautiful. Brus may seem a modest offering at first glance, but its haunting power is undeniable if you lend your ears to it.

Update (06.10.17):  Since this article was originally posted, French label Soft Recordings has released an expanded edition of Brus on CD with enhanced artwork and two additional songs – a previously unreleased title track and a stunning collaboration between Sofia and Soft label boss David Teboul under his musical alias of Linear Bells. These updates are now reflected here.


Links:  Soft Recordings (CD) iTunes  | Amazon  | Spotify | Soundcloud

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