Sound Impression: Deepness by Francesco Giannico [Manyfeetunder]

Francesco Giannico‘s latest album presents itself as “an unlikely acoustic bio-marine chronotope through a collaborative mode”. The collaborative aspect is the incorporation of sound samples collected from participants around the world, a concept that worked a treat on Agoraphonia (2016, Dronarivm) but with a change in focus from the urban to the aquatic. Giannico then takes these samples and weaves them into complete and immersive soundscapes that exist in a time & space of his imagining, e.g. a chronotope albeit a musical rather than literary one.

Interestingly, the album does not really start as it means to go on. The opening track bustles with overlapping voices and driving percussion which dissolves into a prelude to an immersion into a quiescence of soft drones, dulcet piano lines, and gentle textures which become increasingly contemplative until the listener is left suspended in time as if afloat in a placid sea. Deepness is an intriguing, nuanced, and ultimately quite beautiful journey.

Deepness is available from Italian label Manyfeetunder in a limited edition CD as well as digital download and features cover photography by Dulcie Wagstaff.


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