Sound Impression: No Home of the Mind by Bing & Ruth [4AD]


No Home of the Mind is the third album by Bing & Ruth, a critically acclaimed project formed by Kansas-born composer David Moore while studying music in New York, and represents the third configuration in as many outings. Eleven became seven between City Lake (2010) and Tomorrow Was the Golden Age (2014) and the ensemble has been streamlined once again, this time to five.

No Home of the Mind is a remarkably abstract concoction for a modern classical ensemble, a mesmerizing and deeply affecting opus of transcendent and intoxicating beauty. Moore’s fluid, percussive piano lines (composed on no less than seventeen different pianos) run like watercolors across a spacious canvas woven by Greg Chudzik’s & Jeff Ratner’s basses which arc and drone to create a vast depth of field in perpetual motion while Jeremy Viner’s clarinet adds light & color and Mike Effenberger’s tape delay effects render malleable form & texture. All these elements combine to roil like a turbid sea dispersing waves of melody and emotion before cycling into quiet intervals of decorous stillness at their lowest ebb while the seamless flow of each piece into the next generates the inexorable pull of the album’s beguiling undertow.

Featured track: “Starwood Choker” – video directed by Sébastien Cros


4AD offers No Home of the Mind in two vinyl editions (clear and black) or on CD. Digital copies can be obtained from the label as well as iTunes, Google, & Amazon.