Travelogue 2017.02.27: The Piano Music of Akira Kosemura


The past six months has seen a small flurry of solo piano recordings from Akira Kosemura , a Tokyo-based recording artist and composer & sound producer for film, stage, and television. This travelogue features a quartet of releases, two from Kosemura’s own Schole Inc. label along a with a pair that find a fitting home on the prolific 1631 Recordings, each with its own unique character & charm.


One Day [Schole Inc.]

One Day is a delightful collection of ten improvisational pieces recorded in a single afternoon on an old piano in his family’s home which he had played on since childhood.  Hushed, tender and intimate in style, Kosemura weaves an ephemeral aura of nostalgia and memory through the dampened keys making for a very soothing listen.

While the other albums featured here are digital releases only, this album is available in a beautifully packaged limited edition black vinyl as well as on CD.

Order:  Bandcamp (all formats)  |  Schole Inc. (Vinyl & CD)

DNA [1631 Recordings]

The title track of DNA is an entrancing piece with elegant strands of melody spiraling around an axis of subtle electronics, a complex and nuanced piece that is particularly captivating. It is followed by a lovely pair of sketches entitled “Inside River” #1 and #2 at seem to mirror each other compositionally subtly enhancing the EP’s theme. Quite an intriguing listen for its diminutive size.


Our Own Picture [Schole Inc.]

Also comprised of just three sketch-like pieces, Our Own Picture finds Kosemura with a heartwarming focus on the present. “You” is a song dedicated to his new born son and his wife while “Out of the Solitary Mind” is a reflection of the changes one undergoes from solitude to family life. The EP concludes with a solo piano version of “Joy” which was originally release in 2013, a fitting conclusion to this charming set.


The Cycle of Nature [1631 Recordings]

Just released on 1631 Recordings, The Cycle of Nature continues the sketch motif with four short but eloquent pieces of delicate construction. There is a brightness that conveys a sense of childlike wonder in the title track and the closing sequence of “Kaleidoscope of Happiness” and “Innocence” is particularly lovely.



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