Video Premiere: Composer Michael Price talks about the process of ‘Diary’

Diary is a new collection of thirty solo piano improvisations by Bafta-nominated and Emmy award-winning composer Michael Price, a bounteous and enchanting offering that any lover of contemporary classical music would be more than happy to take at face value. But, Diary is more than a simple collection of songs; it is a window into very creative process of the composer. Compiled over a six-week period, Price began each working day with a new improvisational piece recorded in a single take, allowing the project to unfold as an unguarded and unedited musical journal of his thoughts, mood, and level of inspiration.

In this video, the disarmingly self-effacing Price pulls back the curtain even further as he talks about the project and the sometimes surprising patterns and insights it had to reveal.


“On reflection, looking at all thirty, you can start to see patterns. Musical phrases that re-occur, harmonies that I’m drawn to. Habits that, some might say, become part of your signature as a composer. “

Though it was not intended to be a conventional album, does Diary work as one? Absolutely. Despite any “warts” the composer may see, each piece is exquisite and offers some particularly evocative and touching moments. Viewed as an especially transparent and prolonged gaze into the often impenetrable mysteries of the artistic process, however, it is a rare gift indeed.

Diary is now available to pre-order from 1631 Recordings in advance of its release on Piano Day which falls this year on March 29. You can also find his studio album Entanglement on Erased Tapes Records and hear his original soundtrack work on the BBC series Sherlock and ITV series Unforgotten.

Links:  Michael Price  |  ‘Diary’ via 1631 Recordings

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