Travelogue 2016.04.21: Spotlight on Shimmering Moods Records

Shimmering Moods is a label based in Amsterdam that has already had a fruitful 2017 with a number of excellent limited edition CD releases and quite an international roster of artists. Featured here are recent works by Andrew Tasselmyer (USA), Snufmumriko (Sweden) , Rime Trails (Denmark), and Gallery Six (Japan). Also highly recommended are two albums featured on our 2016 year-in-review – Radio Sea’ by Adzuki and ‘Mothers Garden’ by Å Asher-Yates, a brand new reissue of ‘Naar Vi Vaagner’ by øjeRum, and a pair of works by Dimitar Dodovski, ‘Derive’ (2016) and ‘In Every Direction’ (2015). All releases can be found here on their Bandcamp site

Andrew Tasselmyer – Resonant Moments

Andrew Tasselmyer has been enjoying quite a prolific start to 2017.  Hotel Neon, the ambient trio he founded with brother Michael and recently joined by Steven Kemner, just released Context on Fluid Audio and Andrew has already put out three volumes of his new ‘Presence’ series focused heavily on contextual field recordings (available here). Resonant Moments shares modus operandi from both projects as it combines a collection of field recordings gathered from cities around the world with the more emotive and densely layered drones you might find on a Hotel Neon record into an evocative and very personal audio document with universal appeal.

Field recordings capturing particularly Resonant Moments across the US, Canada, China, India, and the Caribbean were injected into the most honest reflections I could compose…My reflection doesn’t reveal frozen, sequential timestamps; rather, these experiences live, breathe, and resonate even more today than they did when they occurred. Time collapses.


Released in a very limited edition CD package (50 copies) hand-numbered and with handmade artwork & photos.

Snufmumriko – At First Light

Snufmumriko is a musical alias for Ingmar Wennerberg from Gothenberg, Sweden. His work is a beguiling fusion of ambient, electroacoustic, and dub aesthetics into a single spellbinding amalgam. Crisp, grainy textures and pastoral field recordings are ensconced in an opaque fabric of fluid drones with brief forays into percussive or glitch territory and occasional sonic shimmers like glints of sunlight. The sound is intoxicatingly immersive and the overall mood deeply meditative. Add to that the generous track lengths and At First Light is a record one can easily get lost in.

“One of the themes of this album is, I would say, dawn, new beginnings, taking the first steps on a new journey and so on, and many of the sounds used on it were recorded early in the morning…There’s also an almost spiritual dimension to these tracks, and I was often in a very introspective mood as I created them.”


Released in a very limited edition CD package (40 copies) hand-numbered and with handmade artwork & photos.

Rime Trails – Solstice

Rime Trails is a music project based in Denmark which, perhaps by design, is scant on details about the artist. But, what matters is the music and Solstice offers a beautiful wintry excursion into pensive soundscapes woven from disembodied piano lines in looping shapes burnished with textures in fine filigree. The hypnotic, somnolent vibe of this  record seems particularly suited to the deep quiet of the late evening.

Solstice draws its influence from snowbound huts, weathered stones, colder winds, a hushed creek, and the occasional glimmers of the winter sun.


Released in a very limited edition CD package (40 copies) hand-numbered and with handmade artwork & photos.

Gallery Six – Vibrancy

Hidekazu Imashige of Hiroshima, Japan has been steadily producing a stream of albums, EPs, singles, and collaborations as Gallery Six since 2010 and Vibrancy marks his second appearance on the label. On this outing the theme is quite wintry and aqueous as the cover art implies. The sound is particularly bright and saturates with color & texture awash in precipitating, melting, and flowing water creating a sense of wondrous hibernal isolation among the elements. The vision painted by this album seems to be inspired by an intriguing short bit of prose offered by the artist which hints at the album title. Note that Shimmering Moods offering this as both a stand-alone release and in a bundle with the ocean-themed Gasnasui which the label released in 2016.

Let’s say, I hold a pen, she pours a cup of coffee. If we look down at them, they are squirming, they are all overflowing, and slightly vibrating.


Released in a very limited edition CD package (40 copies) hand-numbered and with handmade artwork & photos.

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