Sound Impression: Roaming in Teesdale by Black Hill & Cousin Silas

Reprising their partnership on 2015’s Bridges of the South, Black Hill (Csarnogurszky István, aka musicformessier) and Cousin Silas take us on another binate ambient guitar journey through bucolic and atmospheric soundscapes this time inspired by England’s picturesque Teesdale region.

The format of interlacing alternating tracks by each artist to highlight their contrasting but complementary styles works a treat once again. Black Hill evokes warm pastoral tones with fluid melodies articulated with minimal effects such that one could imagine transposing any one of his pieces to acoustic guitar without losing any of their enchantment. Cousin Silas, on the other hand, conjures immersive soundscapes with a brooding aura steeped in a sense of solitude and mystery. The net effect is to convey the dualities of their chosen setting; for example, imagine rolling green hills, fields of golden rapeseed and quaint villages contrasted with slate-colored skies, misty moors, and ancient stone structures. If you can’t roam the English countryside in person, this might be the next best thing.

Roaming in Teesdale is available as a digital release only and features cover art by Kapiller Ferenc and credits local artist Judith Owston for inspiration (see her work here).