Sound impression: Before We Dive by Altars Altars [auasca]

The sensation of floating weightless and carefree in lilting currents beneath an azure sky and a blazing sun casting webs of light on the sea floor below. Hours to drift, to explore, to gaze at the expanse of endless horizons or muse on what lurks in dark places or teems among the cloudy depths. There is no time nor age here in the midst of this collage of youthful memories fashioned from warm aqueous drones and marine sounds.

This is Before We Dive by Altars Altars, the ambient music project of German musician Moritz Leppers. The album offers a distinct contrast to the delicate introspections of Small Hours (Home Normal, 2016), showing a more idyllic side to Leppers’ work as he manages to fully capture a sense of the the tranquility, wonder, and timelessness that draws us all to the sea.

Before We Dive is offered in a limited cassette edition from auasca, a tape label run out of Brooklyn & Los Angeles, and can also be ordered as a digital download from the artist’s Bandcamp.

Links:  auasca (cassette & digital)  |  Altars Altars (digital only)

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