VIDEO PREMIERE: The Crossing by Danny Mulhern

In the brand new video for his solo piece “The Crossing”, Danny Mulhern puts us inside his piano and in the mind’s eye of the solitary passenger lost in a monochrome reverie, a rider on a train gliding past the city lights and into the station haunted by the wistful melody so delicately rendered, a melancholy lullaby for the weary traveler and a oneiric reflection. The track opens his forthcoming EP Metanoia and segues into the ensemble piece “Flying the Nest” which was premiered here last month. Stationary Travels is very pleased to offer this additional glimpse into one of the most beautiful modern classical releases you are likely to hear this year.

The word metanoia (literally after-thought) is rich in literal and symbolic connotation. Whether used rhetorically or personified in myth, it suggests reflection, regret and transformation – a change of mind or heart. The music on the album suits this motif as it maintains a deeply contemplative mood throughout.

Mulhern adheres to sparing minimalism and masterful use of space to give each piece a particularly intimate feel and emotional immediacy. Not a note, a key, or a draw of the bow is wasted or obscured. There is a presence to the ensemble pieces such as “Departure” and “Bohemia” that gives the listener the feeling of being in the room with the musicians. There are some especially beautiful moments as well such as the evocative interplay of delicate keys and pizzicato notes on “The Scent of Rain” and the warmly melodic “Held Together With String”. The only thing about this album you will regret is if you miss out on listening to it.

Metanoia can be pre-ordered now at the link below and will be released May 26 on 1631 Recordings. You can also here quite a bit of Mulhern’s work for various film & TV projects here on his Soundcloud page.


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