PREMIERE: Sleepwalking Deers by Luis Berra (Video by Piano & Coffee)

The three young people in golden deer masks roaming a deserted urban landscape bathed in the incandescent yellow glow of street lamps furnishes a moody, surreal backdrop for the mellifluous piano lines woven by Florence native Luis Berra on “Sleepwalking Deers”, the opening track to his new album Piano Creatures now out on 1631 Recordings. It is a sweetly melodic piece tempered with a bluish tint that lends a touch of melancholy, a quality which the video, developed by the creative community of Piano & Coffeetaps into.

The song & video offers us just a glimpse of the imaginary fauna and sonic colors that inhabit this enchanting collection of solo pieces which also include dancing birds, a crying owl, singing statues, and a smiling fox. Berra’s style is remarkably fluid and expressive, almost exuberant in its romanticism but without being overly sentimental. The speed and density of notes in these pieces would no doubt be demanding to perform, but they are quite easy on the ear and warmly engaging thanks to their sharp narrative sense. Enjoy this premiere and consider it a prelude to a lovely album full of tales of the creatures that quietly roam in the lamplit night.

Piano Creatures is available now as digital release from 1631 Recordings (link below).


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