Video: Sorg Sea by Flying Hórses

Nearly two years after Tölt, the debut release of Montreal composer Jade Beregron’s solo project Flying Hórses, she returns in stunning form with an eleven-plus minute epic single called Sorg Sea. It is not that she has not been busy in the interim. Bergeron was invited to play Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in 2015 as well as the world-renowned Festival International de Jazz de Montreal in 2016 before joining The Banff Centre for Performance Art for their Independent Music Residency later that year to work and collaborate with Juno award-winner Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think) who is among the guest musicians on the new piece. Also performing are Alex Mah (cello), Kathleen Edwards (gutiar), and Brock Geiger (double bass) while Efrim Menuck (GYBE, Silver Mt. Zion) helmed the mixing controls.

According to Bergeron, the piece began as a series of short songs written while she was living in Iceland between 2014 & 2016 and evolved into a movement which has also been visualized in a short film directed & produced by Timothee Lambrecq and featuring Icelandic actress Anna Maggý Grímsdóttir. While Tölt explored many facets of childlike innocence, Sorg Sea wades into deeper waters to face the more complex and sometimes darker struggles that inevitably come further along life’s journey, but it does so with a grace and beauty that tempers the aching melancholy and profound longing it expresses. If this is any indication of the future direction of the project, we have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming second album.

Sorg Sea was mixed by is currently available as a digital single while work continues on the new record.


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