Sound Impression: Landscapes by Jacob Montague

What exactly is “cinematic folk”? A good way to answer that question would be to have a listen to Landscapes, the latest solo release by Oakland-based composer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist Jacob Montague. The album, which flows more like a suite than a collection of songs, oozes pastoral charm with scene-setting atmospheres and a strong narrative flow propelled by a keen sense of rhythm given a wide-screen context by clever integration of lush electronics, strings, and bold percussive elements.

In fact some of these songs might make you want to drop whatever you are doing and pack up the car for a road trip across wide open spaces. (“Cinder House”, “Sea Smoke”, “I Found You in the Woods”, “Suva”)  while others provide interludes of peaceful reflection such as “Tennesee Sky”, “A River Grows” and the strikingly beautiful “Klamath Falls”. We love cinema in part for the sweet escape it provides and cinematic music has a similar power. If you are looking for a change of mental scenery to lift your spirits, Landscapes is a fine place to start.

Landscapes features cover art by Peter Heirendt and is now available as a digital release directly from the artist on popular outlets like iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify. The cover