PREMIERE: “nothing else” from the babyteeth OST by breaking

After releasing a number of EPs and singles under his own name, Brooklyn-based composer and filmmaker Austin Johnson will be making his official debut under his new alias breaking with the October 20 release of the soundtrack to his short film babyteeth on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records. The unobtrusive textures and moody atmospherics of his minimalist soundscapes well serve the film’s intimate indie feel and its understated treatment of tension & conflict in the context of everyday life.

“The main idea behind both the film and the soundtrack was to convey anxiety and angst through the lens of tranquility. It’s easy to get lost in anxiety, so in “babyteeth” I depict a boy’s rough journey to tranquility in an environment where that seems impossible.” – Austin Johnson (aka breaking)

A case in point is the track premiered here entitled “nothing else”. The shimmering melody lines are simple but compelling as Johnson deftly arranges them in pulsing, overlapping layers to create a sense of narrative momentum.

Additional highlight’s to the soundtrack include the glassy translucence of “tone stow (night)”, the lovely horn-like melodic lift of “finn (night)”, and the sophisticated textures of “one forty-six”. In a world that seems to prefer to reward bombast and excess, the subtle pleasures of this modest and sincere project offer a pleasant respite.

Follow the links below for information about the soundtrack release.  Information on the film will be provided as it becomes available.

Links:  Bandcamp (digital/cassette)  |  iTunes (digital)  | Hush Hush Records