PREMIERE: 11545kHz from Grachiel by Purna [AM 800]

Founded by members of two projects known for soaring instrumental rock, namely No Grave Like The Sea and Katmai, Purna is a newly formed experimental/ambient trio that explores much more nebulous territory where stillness, restraint, and nuance hold sway.  Their debut effort entitled Grachiel is on the cusp of its release via AM 800, a recently established DIY label that is also home to bands previously featured here such as North End and Signal Hill. To give a taste of the lush, moody soundscapes on display on this record, you can have an exclusive first listen here to the track ‘11545kHz’

The piece is a rumbling, crepuscular drone draped in ethereal tones which eventually splinters into a fragile outro of glassy bell tones and a haunting voice over that is reminiscent of the cold war “numbers station” broadcasts woven by Jóhann Jóhannsson into his stunning Orphée (2016, Deutsche Grammophon).  If you enjoy this track, then you will welcome the full release which sustains a similar mood and attention to detail across all six of its thoughtfully crafted tracks.

Grachiel was recorded in separate homes and arranged together from the winter of 2016 through the spring of 2017 and was mastered by Matt Labozza of Studio G, New York. The album will be available on October 6, 2017 on digital, CD & cassette with physical copies limited to 50 editions each. Grachiel features custom artwork by Michael Canich and silkscreen printing by KB Griffin. Check the AM800 sound website for more information.

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