Video Premiere: Never Alone (Hámori Session) by vaghy

vaghy (Tamás Vághy) is a Hungarian composer and pianist who is making an appearance as a newcomer on the modern classical scene, but is no musical neophyte. Surrounded by his father’s old tapes and vinyl, his love of music came at an early age. Having developed into a multi-instrumentalist with a taste for a wide variety of genres, he performed in thousands of concerts from clubs to large festivals including serving a the keyboardist for the well-known Hungarian rock band Anna and the Barbies. During these years, in the quiet environs of his bedroom studio, he indulged a passion for classical music. After seeing a Nils Frahm video several years ago, Tamás was inspired to bring this more personal work into the public sphere, performing live sets in 2016 and again in 2017 in support of Frahm’s own worldwide Piano Day event.

In 2017 he developed a six-song video project called  with the intention of premiering a new video from the series every Thursday. The name is drawn from the location where the recordings were made, a communal place in Pécel (near Budapest) called Hámori House which was built in the early 20th century and renovated by its new owners who host concerts, films nights, talks and family activities inside its authentically preserved interior spaces. The first piece, “Cm Waltz”, had its debut on the Hungarian online music magazine called phenom’enon (check it out here) and we are happy to present the second video in the series now, a piano & percussion driven composition accompanied by a string trio entitled “Never Alone”.

“This song was written in 2007 when I lived in Sydney, Australia. I was there alone, nobody was near me. Whatever I did and thought, there was nobody I could share these feelings with. This moment stuck in my mind and it made me think why it is so important that you have friends and partners. I just walked alone in the city and I had time to think about myself and my life. And there was a point when I decided that I never want to be alone.” – vaghy 

Through the links below you can continue to follow the artist as the remaining sessions are released and also follow news of his upcoming debut solo album entitled Minimalism which he is creating with piano sounds and electronica using vintage instruments.

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