Sound Impression: City Static by Jamie Stillway [Fluff and Gravy]

Since 2005 Jamie Stillway has self-released 3 full-length records of original compositions garnering accolades from the likes of Fretboard Journal and Jazz Times while drawing numerous lofty comparisons, but March of this year will bring us her first album of solo electric guitar recordings entitled City Static which finds the Portland based guitarist exploring contemplative ambient territory while deftly blending in classical, jazz, & melodic elements.

Stillway was inspired to record City Static in conjunction with her 40th birthday. An electric approach resonated with what she observed in the world around her; as she created space for silence in her life, the constant background noise of the city became more and more noticeable— a droning static hum that inspired [her] most experimental and compelling work to date. – Fluff and Gravy Records


Warm and affecting throughout, the album consists of five tone-perfect songs interwoven with short ambient sketches into a seamless flow that carries the listener along a gratifying journey of pleasurable contemplation. Some have a bright, pastoral feel like “Coming Up Roses” while others strike a more melancholic chord such as the lovely “August”. Effortlessly skillful, yet unpretentious and amiable, City Static leaves one with the kind of emotional afterglow that comes from a moment of reassuring self-reflection or a heartening conversation with a good friend.

The album will be released on CD & digital on March 16 from Fluff and Gravy Records. Pre-orders are now available with two tracks available for immediate download.