Video: Dualisms #2 (Studnitzky Rework) by Illuminine

Illuminine - Studnitzky (single artwork)

As February draws to a close in this part of the world, we can’t help but start to anticipate the thawing of winter and the colors of spring and Belgian boutique label Dauw is a fine place to look for music that will suit the change in seasons. The label’s docket for March includes a collection of  reworked material drawn from #2 by Illuminine (aka Kevin Imbrechts), a lovely study in melancholia which the artist released last year. As was the case with 2015’s #1 Reworks an international roster of artists has been compiled to reinterpret or “reconstellate” the songs into new experiences across a diverse range of styles from delicate ambient and solo piano to minimal electronica and techno.

Like an early hint of spring, we’ve been gifted a glimpse into one of the new mixes, a sprightly polyrhythmic reworking of the previously wistful “Dualisms #2” by Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer Studnitzky. The song is released along with a striking video entirely shot in Iceland by Melina Rathjen, a place that has a special meaning for both artists who spent time there working on their music.

The song offers a radical interpretation and links the orchestral neo-classical aesthetics of Illuminine with a more minimal organic techno approach. [Studnitzky’s] rework focuses on the dualism of a 4/4 and 12/8 rhythm which morph into each other in the middle section. The beat of this track is mainly based on acoustic samples of working sounds from Africa and the balance of the elements is constantly morphing.”

In addition to the video, Studnitzky’s rework is now available for purchase and streaming (link below).  The complete Reworks #2 will be available on March 16 from Dauw and will include additional contributions from Alex Somers, Message to Bears, Julien Marchal and more.

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Studnitzky - Illuminine