yndi halda – A Sun-Coloured Shaker


If yndi halda was in the market for a new tag line they might consider “no music before its time” (a riff on the 70’s era Orson Wells commercial for Paul Masson wine for any of our readers too young to remember). Consider their resplendent opus Under Summer (2016), which the band worked on over a nine-year span following 2007’s Enjoy Eternal Bliss, clear evidence of their patient willingness to take as long as necessary to nurture their music to the point they feel it is ready to put out into the world. The same can be said of their new single A Sun-Coloured Shaker. In fact, it was that extended period of slowly chipping away at the composition, arrangements, and production of the last record that left the band with what they refer to as “small pockets of music which [they] really loved but had no home for”.  One piece in particular they felt truly belonged with the album but simply needed more time to develop and so they lovingly tended the vine as best they could until the fruit was ready.

“We knew it had to be a part of the album eventually, but also that it needed more time. So, between tours and obligations for Under Summer, we met to continue writing, and we eventually reached our destination: an accompaniment to the album, a new song that tells the leftover stories. We see A Sun-Coloured Shaker as the passing of night that follows Under Summer’s day. The dawn after the album’s dusk has faded. We wanted to express the realization that something as simple and everyday as sunrise can be so truly life-giving. That the natural rhythm of nightfall and daybreak is a foundation of reality and being.” – yndi halda

Links:  Bandcamp  | Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU) | Burnt Toast (USA) | Sound in Silence

In this age of instant gratification and binging consumption, there is a great deal to be said for this kind of restraint. This kind of soul-quenching songcraft can’t be rushed either in the making or the listening. And while I never for a moment thought of Under Summer as incomplete, it is a fuller experience with this added piece in the fold. A Sun-Coloured Shaker shares the same mellifluous, meandering flow and languid harmony vocals of its older sibling and seems to have soaked up a great deal of the pastoral beauty of Cornish countryside where much of it was recorded. It is pure arcadian beauty with muted echoes of sprawling post rock grandeur cultivated, ripened, and distilled to perfection.

A Sun-Coloured Shaker is now available on a one-sided, sun-coloured 12” vinyl release with original artwork and b-side etching created by the band’s frequent collaborator, illustrator Hannah Clare.  A limited edition A3 riso print is also available for purchase seperately or bundled with the EP.  In addition, Athens-based boutique label Sound in Silence is releasing the single in an exclusive limited hand-numbered CD edition ackaged in a lovely hand-stamped 127mm x 127mm 285 gsm light yellow-cream cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper.