Travelogue 2018.04.15: From Winter into Spring with Dauw


Dauw is a Belgian boutique label based in Ghent that specializes in handmade cassette releases of electroacoustic ambient music of an especially organic & pastoral nature and features a unifying visual aesthetic based on the graphic artwork of Femke Strijbol. The label offers sounds and colors eminently suited to the gentle awakenings of springtime and it is our good fortune that they have put up some irresistible new releases for the season.

Will Samson – A Baleia


Will Samson follows Welcome Oxygen (Talitres) and it’s intoxicating lo-fi blend of guitar, vocals, & electronics with a release of pure tape-looped ambient beauty embroidered with ethereal layers of choir voicings by Brumes, violin by Beatrijs De Klerck and Matt Resovich (The Album Leaf) and a lush textures added by Benoît Pioulard. The result is something that feels brighter and more expansive than anything we’ve heard from him before yet never sheds that oneiric intimacy and out-of-time quality that is so distinctive in all of his music. A rare and fragile beauty, this.

Available May 18 on digital and cassette with two optional bundles one of which includes a special tape edition of Will’s exceptional 12k release Lua along with a tote bag and several postcard printers and one that comes with the vinyl edition of #2 Reworks by Illuminine (see below).

Illuminine – #2 Reworks


A beautifully curated selection of material drawn from #2 by Illuminine (aka Kevin Imbrechts) “reconstellated” across a diverse range of styles from delicate ambient to solo piano to minimal electronica and techno. Hopefully you didn’t miss our recent premiere of  Melina Rathjen’s Icelandic video for the sprightly polyrhythmic reworking of  “Dualisms #2” by Berlin’s based multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer Studnitzky. Every other track here is captivating listening and a highlight unto itself – the re-framing of Will Samson’s vocals on “Atlas Eyes” by Alex Somers, an eloquent piano interpretation of “Dear Delores” by Julien Marchel, a sumptuously layered version of “Be Wise, Take Care” by Benoît Pioulard, a pair of lively and distinctive takes on “Wander, Rise” by Message to Bears and Wouter Dewit, and a soothingly meditative recast of the opening track by Stijn Hüwels.

Available in two limited handmade vinyl editions one of which includes a tote bag and tape version of #2 Reworks Addendum (see below).

Illuminine – #2 Reworks Addendum


Not to be missed is this modest but exquisite addendum to #2 Reworks which offers a collection of b-sides, live versions and other rarities by Illuminine – a pair of  lovely original tracks previously unreleased (“For Better, For Worse”, “Last Waltz #2), a bedroom demo (“Patterns, Erase”), and a trio of intimate studio live performances (“Dear, Eulogy”, “Dear, Delores”, and “For What It’s Worth”).  Available as a stand-alone digital download or on cassette as part of the special vinyl edition package of #2 Reworks.

Various Artists – Vama Veche


A winter release that serves as a perfect springtime prelude, this soothing EP features a collection of live performances from a trio of performances at Dauw’s label night at the Vama Veche festival in Bruges – ‘Retorno al mar’ & ‘Una tarde en Brujas’ performed by Ciro Berenguer (also part of the duo Sokkyō) , ‘Phragmites’ performed by Stijn Hüwels & Pieter Dudal, and ‘Waas’ performed by Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek. The highly limited cassette edition has long since sold out, but a name-your-price download remains available.


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