Sound Impression: The Searchers / Voyevoda – Kyle Bobby Dunn & Wayne Robert Thomas [Whited Sepulchre]


From the heartland of America comes a fascinating split release by Kyle Bobby Dunn and Wayne Robert Thomas that will engage your mind as much as it will your ears. Each artist contributes a single long-form track to be released together in a limited vinyl edition by Ohio-based Whited Sepulchre based in Cincinnati, Ohio. By now the savvy reader might be bemoaning my ignorance saying to themselves Dunn is Canadian. True enough, but he his explores a distinctly American theme on his composition which both complements and segues the wistful ruminations offered by his Indianapolis-based collaborator.

“The Searchers” is named after John Ford’s classic Western film and the artist has expressed that both he had both the genre and the period of history it references in mind as he laid out his expansive twenty-minute drone.  Shimmering trumpet like tones cascade over one another as Dunn evokes a sense of wide open spaces and vast potential even as he subtly and subversively meditates on the cruelty of the era and the very modern realization of how much of that potential has been unrealized or is being squandered in our own generation. One has to admire his ability to convey such a thoughtful juxtaposition of optimism and existential irony strictly through this seemingly formless soundscape.

Then, like the setting of the sun in the west, the “The Searchers” slowly dissolves into the horizon line as Thomas unfurls his crepuscular counterpoint into the gloaming. “Voyevoda” is a spacious meditation on processed electric guitar described as an examination “one’s fidelity to unconquerable nostalgia”. Patiently he releases layer after layer to float, ebb, and oscillate across fields of memory under an embroidered night sky.  True to its mission, no matter how weightless or serene the piece becomes, a haunting sense of reminiscence remains palpable throughout.

Links: Bandcamp (Whited Sepulchre)  |  Kyle Bobby Dunn Wayne Robert Thomas

The Searchers/Voyevoda will be available May 1 in a limited cream-colored vinyl edition (200 copies). Digital copies of the tracks are available with pre-order or on their own.


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