Video Premiere: Prinsengracht by Klangikret & Sjors Mans


As 2017 drawing to a close, Stationary Travels premiered a track from The Amsterdam Sessions, an EP which resulted between Stockholm-based by Fabian Rosenberg (aka Klangriket) and Sjors Mans in his Amsterdam studio where they came up with five impeccably beautiful pieces named after locations in the city that intertwine ambient textures and atmospheric electronics with delicate piano-based compositions. It’s a pleasure to call attention to this project once more, this time on the occasion of the premiere of a mesmerizing video for “Prinsengracht” created by Frida Holmgren who also contributed violoncello on some of the tracks.  In it she brings to life the pulsing patterns and blooming surges in what is the most kinetic piece on the album.

When Fabian first played the song for me, we were sitting in a studio at school. I saw the reflection of strip lights on a black computer screen and really liked the pattern it made. That is what initially inspired me. And I wanted to make a hypnotic video, since that’s how the song was for me when I listened to it. – Frida Holmgren

Readers familiar with and fond of the frequent collaborations between Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds will find the magic created by Rosenberg & Mans to be very comparable, making this EP one not to overlook. Hopefully we will see more from this pair in the near future.

The Amsterdam Sessions also features Elias Sjöwall on viola and artwork by Paulina Granat.  In addition to digital download & streaming, Piano and coffee records offers the recording in two physical packages – a deluxe cassette edition (20 copies) and a vinyl-effect CD (50 copies).