Video Premiere: What We Should Protect by Hoshiko Yamane


The music of violinist and composer Hoshiko Yamane embraces a wide and vibrant spectrum. Not only has she has been involved in a diverse array of collaborative, dance, and film projects, but as a member of Tangerine Dream you can find her lighting up stages across Europe this spring and summer as part of the band’s kinetic, kaleidoscopic shows. There is a much more introspective side to her music, however, which she displays on her latest solo album soon to be released by 1631 Recordings. Threads is a luminous collection of pieces leaning toward a minimal ambient aesthetic woven from loops & layers of acoustic violin into tapestries of sound both tender and transcendent.

These qualities are beautifully showcased in a new video by Mizuki Kin of the album’s closing track, “What We Should Protect”. It features Hoshiko in the cozy setting of a simple, but elegantly decorated room which she soon fills with fragile yet fervent notes from her violin while the camera perspective underscores the intimacy of the moment even as it creates a sublime interplay of soft, diffused light with the empyrean sounds of the music.

Threads will be available for digital download and streaming on June 15 from 1631 Recordings and features cover art by Eduard Bigas.

Links: Bandcamp | Hoshiko Yamane | 1631 Recordings


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