Premiere: I Will, For You (Sophie Hutchings Rework) From Diary Reworks by Michael Price


Last year, Emmy-award winning composer & pianist Michael Price gave us some precious insight into his creative process with Diary, a set of purely improvisational single-take recordings he compiled over a six week period (you can read more about the project here). While Price has since been at work on TV & film scores as well as his highly anticipated new Tender Symmetry project, a stellar cadre of eight artists have revisited the 30-track collection and hand-picked some of its “raw” entries to be polished into pure moder classical diamonds for a new EP called Diary Reworks.

The songs on Diary were certainly lovely enough and warmly accessible on their own terms, but, by their very design, they were unrefined and unedited. In the context of Diary Reworks, we can think of it as a sketchbook left behind by the artist for others to embellish and bring to life as full color, multi-dimensional works of art.  Case in point is the lovely treatment of “I Will, For You” by Sophie Hutchings , premiered here for the first time.

The pencil lines of Price’s charming melody are still there to be seen & heard, but the hushed reverb and tender felt touches of Sophie’s piano give them added definition even as her fluid and lilting style add cascading hues of soft color elevating the piece into a blissful suspension of time.

Similar magic is wrought by the album’s other contributors which include Michael A. Muller (Balmorhea), Library Tapes, Dmitry Evgrafov, Madeleine Cocolas, Julia Kent, Akira Kosemura, and Marco Caricola, each one bringing another sketch to life in their own expressive style. Inspiration begets inspiration in this pristine collection which has turned out to be one of the musical treats of the summer.

Diary Reworks will be available on July 27 as a digital release from 1631 Recordings.

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