Sound Impression: Dissimilar Lake Pigments by Lee Yi [Rottenman Editions]


The soft pink textures on the cover of Lee Yi‘s new album Dissimilar Lake Pigments might at first seem to be at odds with its title, but delve into the liner notes and you will learn that this immersive new exploration of color and sound was inspired by Lake Hillier, a body of water just off the Pacific coast in Western Australia which is, in fact, astoundingly pink in color.

This natural phenomenon suggests to the artist a particular spectrum of sonic hues & pigments – earthy reds, mauve, coral, clay and silt – which he spins into an mesmerizing swirl of immersive soundscapes wrapped in a warm textures with a florid shimmer. Particularly impressive is the closing triptych (“Clumsy Hands”, “Thirty Eight”, and “Safety Pins”) which showcases Yi’s hauntingly emotive style at its most affecting, a sublime balance of abstract sonic experimentation with moving, soul-deep expression. Exceptional.


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Dissimilar Lake Pigments is now available from Rottenman Editions in two cassette releases each featuring artwork by Meneh Peh – a standard edition packaged in Hahnemühle paper cases manufactured & dyed by hand, or a deluxe edition wrapped in a hand-dyed wool fabric sheath with natural pigments from Morocco and fastened with a decorative security pin & full color artwork (only 10 copies made).