Premiere: “Pont” by Zoltan Fecso [Hush Hush Records]

coverNow based in Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Zoltan Fecso‘s musical evolution began as he grew up in Budapest, studying classical piano from an early age and then discovering a fascination for electroacoustic music while at university. Seeking to fulfill a unique vision of performing live with acoustic guitar and electronics, Zoltan had an opportunity to work with renowned luthier Ian Noyce in the creation of an acoustic guitar with MIDI capabilities capable of fusing organic instrumentation with endless possibilities of electronic programming. It turned out quite the success, leading to a busy period of industry recognition, an artist residency, live performances, a viral video, recording under a variety of monikers, and engaging in music technology talks throughout Europe.

The thing about evolving creativity, though, is that it never stops (at least one hope’s it doesn’t).  Coming out of that period with a desire to seek out simplification in his life, Zoltan adopted a complete change in his approach to writing and use of his instrument. Inspired by pointillism, a painting technique using small dots of color to create cohesive images, he began working with repeating fragments of single notes. This new approach is on display on his latest album, and first under his own name, Shimmer Raga. The title and featured artwork are both acquired from a painting by Claire Lefebvre, whose work we are told deeply influenced the music. You can hear how all this comes together for yourself in this exclusive premiere of the lead-off track, the highly tactile and mesmerizing “Pont” in which undulatory piano lines weave between plucked guitar points and rattling percussion in constant movement.

Links‘Shimmer Raga’ on Bandcamp  |  Zoltan Fecso  |  Hush Hush Records

Shimmer Raga features three additional pieces, the pulsing title track, the gently meandering “The Study of Distance”, and a sparkling improvisation with Berlin based musician Anna Morley on vibraphone entitled “Time Bath”.  The album will be available digitally and on cassette beginning August 17 from Hush Hush Records.