Sound Impression: You Don’t Belong by Kirill Mazhai [Shimmering Moods]


Among the most recent batch of releases from the Amesterdam-based Shimmering Moods label is an understated gem entitled You Don’t Belong by Kirill Mazhai from Minsk, Belarus. Mazhai’s account of the album lets us know that it serves as a somewhat personal document, but it deals with one of those passages in life to which most of us can relate.

“All the tracks on the album are dedicated to several places from those times, that meant or still mean something very special to me. A house by the lake, an apartment on the first floor, a park in the middle of the city – the places that stuck with me for a long time and don’t let go. It’s a tribute to those times, but also some kind of closure. The album was mostly a reminder to myself that when you feel attached to something in one way or another, you need to keep going, to move forward, that you really don’t belong anywhere. It was a reminder that it’s never too late to move on.” – Kirill Mazhai

Mazhai’s warm, reverberant drones traverse the latitudes and longitudes of memory with a palpable sense of nostalgia and wistful melancholy, but that sense of closure to which he refers is effectively conveyed as well. The emotional undercurrent in the music congeals into a quiescent state of acceptance and resolution while the ethereal overtones lull the listener into a restful torpor.


You Don’t Belong was released on both limited edition CD and cassette by Shimmering Moods. At this writing, the cassettes are sold out but a handful of CDs remain each packaged in different colored handmade wallets and foil bag. Artwork is by Antonina Sotnikova.