Sound Impression: ex by kj [Dronarivm]


In a few short years, New York based musician, producer, and filmmaker KJ Rothweiler has solidly established himself among the serious purveyors of compostional ambient music with a string of captivating albums including the brand new ex now out on Dronarivm and mastered by none other than Rafael Anton Irisarri at his Black Knoll Studio.

Saturated in tones of sepia and charcoal and awash in warm, turbid swirls of nostalgia and melancholy, the beauty of ex is in the exquisite balance it finds between its light and dark elements. The pieces are wholly immersive but never claustrophobic as Rothweiler deftly blurs the lines between heavily layered drones and lofty orchestral majesty while offsetting the gravitas with refreshing contrapuntal elements such as ghostly piano lines and lulling guitar. A special added treat is the closing track which weaves in haunting cello work from guest Aaron Martin. This is one exceptionally well crafted album your ears really won’t want to let go of.

Links:  Bandcamp (CD/digital)  |  kj rothweiler

ex is available from Dronarivm in a beautifully packaged limited CD edition (150 copies) with digital download and streaming options available.  Cover photography by Emiliano Marinucci.