Sound Impression: Version & Delineation by Caught in the Wake Forever & glacis [Crow Versus Crow]

CvsC_VD_coverThe arrival of the Fall equinox in Britain today seems the perfect time to cast a light on a lovely EP just released by Crow Versus Crow, an interdisciplinary project based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire which also includes a radio show, podcast, and visual design work. Version & Delineation is a collection of improvisational vignettes jointly created by Euan Millar-McMeeken, aka glacis, and Fraser McGowan better known as Caught in the Wake Forever

“These six short works hinge upon glacis’ raw piano improvisations, recorded, without prior planning or subsequent revision, straight to IPhone Voice Memo software…Using the Make Noise System Cartesian & Akai S20 Sampler to incorporate culled and processed snapshots of domestic minutiae, Caught In The Wake Forever’s intricate abstract compositions mirror the fragility and transient ephemerality of glacis’ piano pieces.” – Crow Versus Crow

The piano pieces have the all the same homey, nostalgic charm glacis offered up on Metaphors (and its companion EP The Small Hours) released earlier this year while Caught in the Wake Forever resourcefully embellishes each sketch with complementary sonic detritus and filigreed noise that enhances the rustic aura without ever intruding on or subverting it. Understated, introspective music as welcoming as the first cool breezes and dappled light of autumn.

Links:  Bandcamp (cassette/digital)  |  Caught in the Wake Forever Glacis

Version & Delineation is available from Crow Versus Crow  in a blue & gold glitter shell cassette in an edition of 100 copies as well as digital download and streaming via Bandcamp. The album was mastered by Porya Hatami.