Sound Impression: Insomnia Drones by Tapes and Topographies [Simulacra Records]


After putting out two superb albums already this year in Fathoms and Opiates, Texas-based musician Todd Gautreau has pleasantly surprised with yet a third Tapes and Topographies release right on the cusp of the fall equinox. As its title suggests, Insomnia Drones is a suitably soporific offering that lulls the listener into a welcome state of melancholic languor and deep rumination.

Softer around the edges and more subdued than its predecessors by shades and small degrees, this collection of hypnagogic soundscapes undulates through aural pathways down into the deep liminal spaces that exist between lucidity & dreams, between thought & memory, and between conscious & subconscious. Patterns form, repeat, and dissipate into the perpetual flow while Gautreau maintains his uncanny ability to inject unique and captivating narrative elements into each piece.  It may take several attempts to make it through Insomnia Drones without succumbing to slumber, but it is worth every attempt.


Insomnia Drones is now available on CD and digital via Simulacra Records