PREMIERE: At the Same Time from The Eleventh Hour by Anne Lovett [1631 Recordings]


It would seem Anne Lovett literally has music in her blood. Though currently residing in London, she was born in Normandy, France, a birthplace she shares with Erik Satie. Her family is a musical one, her father being a luthier and her mother a dancer. Anne herself picked up piano at only three years old and developed an interest in composition early on. She went on to study at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris as well as the Royal Academy of Music and later at King’s College, London. Since graduating, she has performed at prestigious venues and festivals throughout Europe and been heard on classical broadcast radio. If you have listened to her debut solo album Beyond (and Below), you already know she is both an electrifying pianist and an imaginative composer. On her partially crowd-funded second album entitled The Eleventh Hour, however, she balances her virtuosity & passion with poignant introspection to create a stunning new opus in collaboration with members of the London Contemporary Orchestra. 

“The main narrative of the album was conceived during a period when intense shifts were taking place within our society which had a deep impact on the composer. The result is a deeply felt work that mourns the loss of a spiritual home as well as reflecting a dazed comprehension of the world having been permanently tilted on its axis. Best described through the Japanese concept of Kintsugi or “broken beauty”, ‘The Eleventh Hour’ is a heartbreakingly beautiful contribution to the modern classical genre. The thirteen tracks are all meticulously crafted and ring out with a dark luminosity, like an elegy to our troubled times”. – 1631 Recordings

For a taste of the new record, you can listen here for the first time to the restrained, elegiac beauty and cinematic depth of “At the Same Time”, a song which bookends in the album in two versions which dovetail to make it ever so easy to listen on endless repeat.

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In these spellbinding few minutes, fans of Max Richter, Philip Glass, and Jóhann Jóhannson will instantly find themselves in fond and familiar territory, but there is an abundance of riches yet in store with the full album experience. The solo piano compositions speak volumes in their sonorous stillness and dazzle when they gather exhilarating pace while the ensemble pieces enthrall with rapturous swells and fervent lamentations. Deeply felt, beautifully composed, and exquisitely performed, The Eleventh Hour is a feast for the ears that stirs the heart as well.

The album will be available October 19 for digital download and streaming via 1631 Recordings. Keep an eye on Anne Lovett’s website and social media time lines for any future announcements regarding a physical release.