Sound Impression: Dett by Kevin Verwijmeren


Abstraction and introspection both feature heavily in the music of Kevin Verwijmeren. When he began making music in 2013, the Dutch producer, who grew up in a remote area of the southern Netherlands close by the sea, drew inspiration from long travels on public transport as well as theoretical perspectives acquired as a physics student. In the two years since his last album (Those Glorious Heights, 2016), he has immersed himself in intensive sound study and recording and now presents his third full-length studio album Dett.

As on previous works, the track titles serve as cues and markers along the course of a seamless flow of what is essentially a single long-form composition. A deep undercurrent runs through Dett that recalls the immersive, melancholic drones of It’s the Colour of a Cloud-Covered Sky, but Verwijmeren builds expansively on this to create a restless, sprawling, and constantly shifting narrative with a palpable sense of existential angst. The more one listens, the more layers of subtext are revealed. In the end, Dett feels more like a passage than a journey, leaving the listener with much to process while establishing Verwijmeren as one of the more compelling and distinctive voices on the ambient scene.

Links:  Bandcamp (LP/digital) | Kevin Verwijmeren website

Dett will be available October 23 in two 12-inch vinyl LP editions, transparent blue (100 copies) and black (200 copies). Digital downloads are also an option. The album was mastered by Stephen Mathieu and features artwork & layout by Jan van der Kleijn.