In Memoriam: losing today [Dronarivm]


When I started Stationary Travels a little over five years ago, it was a very tentative effort; part experiment, part learning experience, and part homage to a new way of looking at and listening to music in the age of streaming and social media. I hoped to share music with a few like-minded friends and maybe make a few new connections. What I wasn’t at all prepared for, and what has made it so much more rewarding than I originally hoped, is how accessible, supportive, and kind-hearted the ambient music community turned out to be. Because this type of music is often deeply rooted in human and natural connections, it makes sense that the artists who create it would be a thoughtful and caring lot, but well beyond that, it is a community of artists who exceptionally approachable and appreciative. Just about everyone connected with the music at any level is valued and treated as a peer from listeners & fans to writers & graphic artists. I get happy reminders of this almost every day, but this post acknowledges a sad one. It is the recent loss of Brian Young, a strong supporter of both live & recorded ambient music and an exceptional photographer whose artwork under the moniker of losing today was widely admired and appeared on numerous album covers on several of the genre’s top labels.

While I didn’t know Brian personally, many of his images are now inextricably bound to music that I have forged meaningful connections to and, more importantly, he was a valued part of this close-knit community. Evidence of just how much he was appreciated and will be missed is a beautiful new compilation from the Dronarivm label dedicated to him and featuring thoughtful new works by eighteen different artists.

“This album is dedicated to Brian Young, known to many of us as Losing Today, who died earlier this year. Brian was a brilliant photographer whose work was used for many album covers. He was a real fan who supported our music, a friend to many in the scene and a lovely guy. He is already missed…” –  Dronarivm

LinksBandcamp (digital/streaming) |  losing today on Instagram

The breadth and depth of this release is a lovely testament to Brian’s memory while the tenderness and artistry woven into every track shows the sincerity of its intentions and shines a gentle, shimmering light on the music that he loved and that bonds a very special group of people together.

All proceeds from losing today will benefit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The album was mastered by Porya Hatami and features the following artists:

Gallery Six, Snufmumriko, Darren McClure, Ludvig Cimbrelius, Tone Color, Luis Miehlich, Hotel Neon, The Green Kingdom, Pepo Galán, Neglect, r beny, José Soberanes, Caught In The Wake Forever, Robert Farrugia, Halftribe, Warmth, Darren Harper, David Cordero.


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