Travelogue 2019.02.23: Saturday Matinee

20190223_matineeThis travelogue introduces some wonderful recent & upcoming modern classical releases showcased through a collection of new videos. Featuring Hania, Rani, Flying Hórses (Jade Bergeron), Nico Casal, Erland Cooper, Peter Sandberg, and Aukai.

Hania Rani – “Glass”

Links:  Glass (the single)  |  Esja (LP/CD/digital)  |  Hania Rani 

Mirroring her life split between the two cities, a remarkable live studio performance from Warsaw mixes with scenes filmed around Berlin to showcase the fluttering, translucent beauty of “Glass by Hania Rani from her highly anticipated debut solo album ‘Esja‘.

The compositions were born out of a fascination with my principal instrument – the piano – which, on the album, takes form of an upright from my flat. In my own subjective way, I try to reinterpret the capabilities of its sound and harmonies, observing the way in which it resonates within a compact room space and translating, into the language of keys and hammers, the melodies I overheard on the road – most significantly, during my travels to Iceland and the Bieszczady Mountains in south-eastern Poland. – Hania Rani

Esja‘ will be available beginning April 5 on LP, CD & digital via Gondwana Records.

Flying Hórses – Unsettled

Links:  Bandcamp (LP/CD/DL)  |  Flying Hórses 

This stunning video filmed on the Snæfellsnes Penisula in Iceland captures the essence of “Unsettled” from ‘Reverie‘, the newly released second album by Flying Hórses, a project of Jade Bergeron who not only composes and plays the piano but offers a poignant visual portrayal of the song’s theme as well. Featured on the piece is musical guest Sebastian Selke (CEEYS) on cello.

“I wrote ‘Unsettled’ while I was living in Iceland, during winter. My thoughts were as dark as night, and night was all day, every day, for months. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to escape the darkness, that the light finally came about….[a] gentle reminder that it is always darkest before the dawn.”Jade Bergeron

Reverie‘ is now available on LP, CD, & digital as well as major streaming platforms.

Nico Casal – “I’m Not Angry Yet”

LinksPre-Order/Streaming  |  Nico Casal

Filmed at St Matthias Church in Dalston, London, this video presents a mesmerizing live solo piano performance by Nico Casal of “I’m Not Angry Yet” from his forthcoming new album ‘Alone‘. Having written film scores including the music for 2016 Oscar-winning short, “Stutterer“, he has created a very personal soundtrack for himself.

“Alone was born on a solitary Sunday, one that was sunny in the morning, and ended with rain. “I was having a really bad moment, and that day was the first in my life where I took a notebook and started to write some ideas, ‘how do I feel today’, ‘how can I express that with the piano’,” Casal recalls. He sat down and began to play a structured improvisation on a second-hand upright piano, recording into his laptop via a cheap microphone, occasionally adding elements from a £15 broken organ and a small synth…”

Alone‘ will be released April 5 via The Point of Departure Recording Company.

Erland Cooper – “Haar”

Links:   Stream/Purchase Erland Cooper

One of the highlights of 2018 was Erland Cooper’s soaring ‘Solan Goose’. As it turns out, the breathtakingly cinematic portrait of the avian fauna and local dialect his native Orkney islands was only the first of a triptych. “Haar” is an exhilarating preview of the forthcoming second chapter, the nautically-themed ‘Sule Skerry‘. The video was shot around Stromness in Orkney in collaboration with visual artist Alex Kozobolis.

It’s a record about the sea, our relationship with the outside world, forces outside of our control but it’s also about creating a nest within that, nurturing and protecting our own sea havens, those sheltered bays, those safe places. Always returning back in some form, as we step in and out daily.” – Erland Cooper

Sule Skerry‘ will be available beginning May 17 via Phases Records.

Peter Sandberg – “Deep”

Links:  Pre-Order Peter Sandberg 

Peter Sandberg‘s forthcoming new album ‘Motion is an immersive neoclassical journey “towards music as sanctuary” that draws heavily from the artist’s own recent experiences. This powerful video for “Deep” from Peter Sandberg‘s forthcoming new album ‘Motion’ features a riveting performance by Swedish dancer Joanna Holewa Chrona aka Skywalker.

The video conveys the message in the music about how we all sometimes stress ourselves out, this is not always due to external factors but by pressure we put on ourselves internally which affects our self esteem. We enter a state of stress – constantly grasping and stumbling. And then we come to a realization as to how far we’ve taken it. ‘How did I get in this deep, why do I even do this?’ It is from that point that we have the opportunity to break the cycle of behavior.

Motion‘ will be available beginning March 1 on Phases Records.

Aukai – “La Joya”

LinksBandcamp (CD/DL)  | Streaming  |  Aukai

A beautifully atmospheric video filmed by PsyDoc Film accompanies “La Joya’ from the brand new album ‘Reminiscence‘ by Aukai, a project from composer & multi-instrumentalist Markus Sieber. The music is in a somewhat more introspective mood than last year’s atmospheric ‘Branches of Sun‘ as the sun-soaked sound of Sieber’s ronroco delicately intertwines with plaintive tones of Anne Müller‘s cello, Angelika Baumbach‘s harp, and Jesús Mejía‘s guitar to create a sweet sense of longing.

Reminiscence‘ is now available on CD and digital as well as major streaming platforms