Video Premiere: “Chloe” by The Phonometrican

Vinyl Photo - Phonometrician 3

Mnemosyne’ is the debut album from Mexico City based multi-instrumentalist, film composer and sound preservationist Carlos Morales, who creates under the name The Phonometrician. His music incorporates classical and American primitive guitar with elements of ambient, drone, and post-rock as well as field recordings, synths, and tape. It is a very special brand of music that finds an ideal home on the Lost Tribe Sound label which includes on its roster such illustrative & kindred artists as Western Skies Motel, From the Mouth of the Sun, Seabuckthorn, and William Ryan Fritch – a potent apposition of rustic authenticity and acoustic alchemy with opaque abstractions. The title of the album refers to the Greek goddess of memory and remembrance, a fitting symbol of its overarching theme.

“‘Mnemosyne’ is an album that asks what memories would sound like if they were captured through sound…Morales deploys a very specific palette of instrumentation to realize his musical vision, it’s as if a classical guitar is slowly being worn away and devoured by an onslaught of looping, ever-shifting analog sound creatures, scattering for cover when the light hits them too directly and continuously eat away at the strings. Much like rifling through the pages of an aged and tattered diary, warm shuffles of vinyl and airy waves tape saturation emerge only to retreat once more into the darker recesses, leaving the pysche grasping wildly to recall the meaning of their existence.”

Lost Tribe Sound

All of these characteristics come into clear view in the music and accompanying video for “Chloe”.  As a woman’s hand slowly brushes the tops of the tall grass that sways in the rushing breeze, we are drawn into a sun-dappled reminiscence narrated by Morales’ finger-picked guitar, a beating wooden heart, and the undertow of a bittersweet sunken cello as he brings us face-to-face with a memory. The song serves to demonstrate just how capable Morales is as a musical storyteller and sonic cinematographer, if you will, and you can rest assured there are many more such captivating moments in store throughout this beautifully crafted album.

Links:  Bandcamp (LP/CD/digital) | The Phonometrican website

Mnemosyne was mastered by James Plotkin and will be released on May 31 in a CD edition that includes an 8 full color pages of artwork by João Ruas and a 180gm audiophile vinyl LP featuring an alternate version of the cover artwork. Each comes hand-numbered and is limited to 200 copies with no re-pressings or second editions expected.  The album is included as part of the subscription series entitled “We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow which runs through the summer of 2019 or it can be purchased separately.

Phonometrician Artist Press Photo