The Listening Room (March 2019)

SG460 2013 02 23 Cuillins at Sunset from Harlosh Re Crop

Image © 2013 Russell Sherwood Photography

Welcome to the listening room.  Make yourself comfortable and check out some of the latest sounds that have caught our ears as well as preview upcoming releases.  Last updated on March 23, 2019 and featuring tracks by Siavash Amini, William Ryan Fritch, Philip G Anderson, Sōzuproject, Federico Mosconi, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Lowercase Noises, Heron, Ciro Berenguer, Andrew Tasselmyer, Stijn Hüwels, Jameson Nathan Jones, and Poppy Ackroyd (Hauschka rework)

“Dusk” by Siavash Amini

From ‘What Wind Whispered To the Trees’ due march 29, 2019 from Room40

A preview of two magnificent early releases by one of the most potent drone & experimental noise artists out there, both stunningly remastered by Lawrence English for release on his Room40 label later this month.  I can’t wait to hear these again in their entirety with new ears.

“In a Senseless Ether” by William Ryan Fritch

from ‘Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Volume I & II’ due May 17, 2019 from Lost Tribe Sound

From the expansive new 45-track anthology of compositions spanning a decade’s worth of evocative soundtrack work by William Ryan Fritch. Set for a beautifully packaged double CD release on Lost Tribe Sound in May.

“From River To Ocean” by Philip G Anderson

from ‘Wilderness’ released march 1, 2019

A selection from the Georgia-based composer’s beautiful new modern classical album inspired by imagery of the vast wilderness in the Pacific Northwest. Now available on CD & digital.

“Betrayed By the Light” by Sōzuproject

from ‘Fragility Can Fly’ released Feb 8, 2019

Incredibly immersive piece from the latest by Sōzuproject (Paolo Mascolini). The album was inspired by a moment when the artists observed a butterfly lighting on a heavy dolomitic rock and was struck by the contrast between its fragile lightness and the rock’s enormous weight. Now available on CD & digital.

“Melody not Melody” by Federico Mosconi

from ‘Light Not Light’ [Shimmering Moods] released Feb 20, 2019

One of the highlights among a slew of new releases from the Amsterdam based label is this album in which Mosconi combines “finger-picked classical guitar with layers of amniotic noise” with captivating results. Now available on CD & digital.

“A Little Time With the Tree’s Roots” by Lowercase Noises

from I’ve Been Lying Open / A Little Time With the Tree’s Roots, released March 22, 2019

It’s great to see Andy Othling back with beautiful new sounds for the new year. This comes from his brand new 2-track EP which is rich with the kind of wistful guitar pedal immersions that Lowercase Noises fans have come to deeply appreciate.

“Splashdown” by Heron

the first single from their forthcoming new album

The first new music from the Pennsylvania-based instrumental rock quartet since their debut  You Are Here Now in 2017.  If this is any indication, more expansive and exhilarating post-rock atmospherics are in store on their upcoming sophomore effort.

Eilean Rec. Spring Previews

from ‘ el mar de junio’ by ciro berenguer 

from ‘Surface Textures’ by Andrew Tasselmeyer 

A pair of tantalizing previews of the upcoming entries in the spring series of releases from Eilean Rec., one by Barcelona-based multi-intstrumentalist Ciro Berenguer and the other by American musician & field recordist Andrew Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon, The Sound of Rescue).  Both due April 4 on CD & digital.

“tomodachi (heine)” by Stijn Hüwels

from ‘tomodachi’ released March 22, 2019 on Dauw

Originally premiered on KEXP’s Pacific Notions, this is beautiful and delicate work on this from the outstanding new release by Stijn Hüwels which he constructed around fragments of sound submitted by friends & fellow musicians. ‘In fact the title of the album is the Japanese word for ‘friend(s)’.  Now available on cassette & digital from Dauw.

“Fragment” by Jameson Nathan Jones

from ‘Static Deviations’ due April 12, 2019

A lovely selection from the upcoming new album by the the Laurel, Mississippi based composer & pianist which  blending of organic elements (piano, cello, and the human voice) with electronics and manipulated tape loops. Will be available digitally on April 12.

“Light (Hauschka Remix)” by Poppy Ackroyd

from ‘Resolve Reimagined’ released Feb 22,2019 on One Little Indian

A stunning convergence of two of the most inventive and talented piano-based artists in the field on this Hauschka rework of Poppy Ackroyd’s original.  The album features additional reworks of her music by an impressive roster of artists including Floex, Max Cooper, Hidden Orchestra, Ben Lukas Boysen, and more. Now available on vinyl LP & digital from One Little Indian.


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