Premiere: Jakob Lindhagen – In The Machinery (Aisling Brouwer Rework)


After a little winter hibernation, things are beginning to spring to life over at 1631 Recordings, one of my favorite contemporary classical labels since its inception. In addition to three releases announced in conjunction with Piano Day 2019, the label will be bringing us a collection of brand new reworks of material from Jakob Lindhagen‘s ‘Paces which was originally released in late 2017 (read the ST review here).  While Lindhagen successfully etched the quintessence of long Scandinavian nights into each of the album’s austere, delicate compositions, these carefully curated reworks reveal how just how adaptable they are to new ideas and constructions. 

The first single from the album available here in an exclusive preview is an interpretation of “In the Machinery” by ambient classical composer, producer and pianist Aisling Brouwer. Having lived and worked in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, London and Berlin, she has written scores for BBC, Channel 4, as well as for films that have been screened at the Sundance, Tribeca and Berlinale Film Festivals as well as written music for various advertising campaigns including most recently for Dior & ING. Along with violinist & composer Anna Phoebe she is part of the duo AVA who will be releasing their debut album on One Little Indian Records later this year.

Links:  Bandcamp (digital)  |  Jakob Lindhagen Aisling Brouwer1631 Recordings

Whereas Lindhagen’s original feels like a slow rise toward the light of a coming dawn, Brouwer’s spellbinding take on the piece seems more suited to blue hours of twilight. With a deft cinematic touch, she paints in darker hues and uses percussion along with a variety of textures and timbres to add ballast that tugs against the sweetness of the main melody.  It is a lovely piece and leaves us longing to hear more of the record and of her own work as well.

Paces (Reworks) will be available digitally in full on April 19, 2019 from 1631 Recordings. It will also include contributions from Klangkriket (Fabian Rosenberg), Tontario (Tony Lagerstrôm), Kinbrae (Andrew & Michael Truscott), Dag Rosenqvist, and Vargkvint (Sofia Nystrand).


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