Premiere: Boundaries by Nil Ciuró


Nil Ciuró is a composer and sound designer based in Barcelona who creates music for TV, advertising, motion graphics and short film. Next month he will  be making his second appearance on the 1631 Recordings contemporary classical imprint with a new album entitled Inwards.  The first preview of the new record was the Piano Day 2019 release of the fluttering ballad “Even”, but the second single shows the more kinetic side of Ciuró’s work.

Featured here in an exclusive premiere, “Boundaries” runs on a steady clockwork rhythm from the delicate, hypnotic arpeggios that start it off to the thumping beat that grows underneath and relentlessly propels it forward in a swirl of pulsing electronics. It feels as if Ciuró is pushing us right up to the precipice of something before the incandescent glow of the engine cools and we pull back in suspenseful reflection. With such a bold contrast evident in the pieces we have heard so far, Inwards promises to be an absorbing listen when it arrives on May 17.

Links:   Bandcamp (digital)  |  Nil Ciuró website



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