Sound Impression: Static Deviations by Jameson Nathan Jones


Located near the pine forests of southern Mississippi, Laurel was founded in the 19th century as a lumber town and has produced a number of notable actors & musicians in the modern era including opera singer Leontyne Price. It is also here we find talented musician & composer Jameson Nathan Jones quietly doing some really lovely work that fans of modern classical and ambient music will no doubt appreciate. His latest album is a gorgeous foray into the blending of organic elements (piano, cello, and the human voice) with electronics and manipulated tape loops which Jones dubbed Static Deviations.

The album features nine meticulously constructed pieces beginning with “As Of Old” with its  shimmering piano line and hypnotic percussive elements accompanied by the ethereal vocals Olivia Dunn. Cellist Alvaro Miranda Gamar joins the fray adding simmering tension as well as beauty to “Passacaglia” and the taut electronics of “Noir” before Jones offers sweet respite with the lovely piano ballad “Fragment”.

Links:  Bandcamp (CD/digital) Jameson Nathan Jones website

The second half of the album is equally beguiling, from the moving and expansive “Whole” to the closing trio of more tenderly reflective songs (“A New Home”, “The Story So Far”, and “Time Will Wait For Me”).  Static Deviations is a rich offering that will feel like welcome territory to fans of the likes of Ólafur Arnalds or Eluvium.  It’s nice to know you can find a bit of Iceland even in the land of the Delta blues.

Static Deviations is now available on limited edition CD (100 copies) featuring artwork by Tim Sandwick.  Also highly recommended is the collaborative singles “Still As Troubled Waters” with Elskavon and his 2018 release of piano improvisations entitled Sanctuary Sessions.


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