Through a Musical Lens: Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Volume I & II by William Ryan Fritch


Since 2009, William Ryan Fritch has composed music for over 30 feature films and more than a hundred short films as well as releasing over 20 solo records. How does one attempt to showcase such a body of work in a single album and make it cohesive and compelling? Consider Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Volume I & II a masterclass in just that. At forty-five tracks and a two & a half hour run time, the cleverly titled double album is sourced from material bound to many disparate narratives, yet Fritch has carefully curated the selected compositions in a way that transcends the original context to create something majestic and new, a singular opus that a listener can come to with fresh ears and experience with unfettered joy & wonder.

“Most of those familiar with Fritch, know only of his albums as a singer songwriter or genre-elusive multi-instrumentalist, which truly represent a small fraction of the depth and range of his work. ‘Deceptive Cadence…’ gathers the most remarkable and memorable pieces from Fritch’s vast catalog of film compositions. Rather than filling up two volumes with half assembled film cues and fragmented themes, Fritch has gone to great lengths with ‘Deceptive Cadence…’ to make sure both volumes tell a story, build theme, and create a satisfying full album experience as good as any movie they may have come from. While this music once graced a particular film, show, or commercial, it has all been reimagined, reworked and made whole in post-production to complete the epic narrative of ‘Deceptive Cadence…’ ” – Lost Tribe Sound

If you have never heard Fritch’s work, you are likely to be blown away by the sheer breadth & depth of this collection. It almost too much to take in its scope and breathtaking beauty in a single sitting. As a composer, Fritch has a seemingly effortless gift for melodic expression and brings a refined, organic approach that always allows the music to feel natural while embracing a richness of sound and wide-screen gravitas needed to fully meet the moment being depicted. Deftly blending acoustic, orchestral, and electronic instrumentation, the music is always grand, but never bombastic; epic, but never overblown; rich in thematic and narrative cues, but never formulaic or predictable. This is no small achievement for any composer, but on the scale presented here, it is nothing less than astounding.

Even those who have listened to Fritch’s music in the past will no doubt develop a significantly more profound appreciation for his work after experiencing ‘Deceptive Cadence‘. I have never been shy of using superlatives to describe the music covered on these pages, but at something of a loss to find one suitable to this stunning recording, I find myself having to borrow from beloved soccer pundit Ray Hudson and simply call it “magisterial”.


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Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Volume I & II comes from Lost Tribe Sound as a double CD housed inside an A5 size hard cover book. Each edition contains 8 full color pages of photos from Napa based photographer & designer Joe Borreson.  Note that the album is part of Lost Tribe’s “WE STAYED THE PATH THAT FELL TO SHADOW” subscription series which includes additional work by Fritch as Vieo Abiungo as well as albums by Skyphone, Gavin Miller (Feat. Aaron Martin), Spheruleus, The Phonometrician and more.