Sound Impression: Sunset by Christopher Willits

Willits_Sunset_co ver

Christopher Willits is an artist, teacher, musician, and guitarist based in San Francisco who has a diverse catalog of over 25 releases to his credit and has collaborated with such illustrious names in the field as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taylor Deupree, and Tycho. He is also the founder of a nonprofit audio platform called Envelop which empowers 3D listening experiences through a combination of immersive sound venues and open-source audio production tools. Willits will be employing these himself to bring performances of his forthcoming new album Sunset to live audiences. The album will be released June 14 by Ghostly International with which he has had a long association. The music on the record has a simple but profound objective.

One of the core artists on Ghostly since its inception, the ambient artist’s compositions on Sunset move from warm to cool, designed as a soundtrack to embrace the day’s end; a collective letting go. Willits presents his latest work with the simple instructions: “Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets.”

As he traverses the phases of twilight, Willits tints his lush, serene drones with the spectrum of colors from the incandescent yellows and oranges of the golden hour to the cool, diffuse purples & blues of the approaching evening. Environmental cues are woven into the background to complete the sense of immersion. Whether you listen to Sunset as instructed or just let the music transport you from another setting, these beautifully sculpted soundscapes come as close as one can imagine to capturing the magic of being fully present in the gloaming.

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“Music is a medicine that allows us to feel, listen, and ultimately surrender to the present moment. The compositions I create move through my imagination, heart, and hands, like guitar through a speaker, and light through a lens. I am continuously learning and evolving with the process; a practice of letting go of all that I create, as it creates me.” Christopher Willits