Project Announcement: A Global Survey of Place, Language, and Sound


I am thrilled to announce a new section of the blog dedicated to a very special project that has been in the works since early 2018 called Place Language.  It is an international non-profit compilation album inspired by the themes found in Robert Macfarlane’s widely-acclaimed book ‘Landmarks’. In particular it focuses on the book’s extensive topographic glossaries, the “word-hoard” of depictive landscape terms gathered from 30 different languages, dialects and sub-dialects around Britain & Ireland and divided into sections by type of terrain (Flatlands, Uplands, Waterlands, Coastlands, Underlands, Northlands, Edgelands, Earthlands and Woodlands).


Click HERE to meet the 30 artists & creators involved in Place Language

The collection features the work of 28 different sound-artists, field recordists, and musicians from around the globe each of whom selected a Landmarks topogram and recorded an impression of it thus adding rich new aspects of dimensionality through the act of sonification. These selections cover all nine of the book’s glossaries along with place-words of  new coinage as prompted by the blank one which Macfarlane leaves at the end of the book for readers to fill in from their own experience. The end result is a truly global and collaborative survey of place, language, and sound by a remarkable group of people. The collection will be published this fall as a letter pressed booklet by Fluid-Audio, with words from Macfarlane himself and artwork from Gregory Euclide.

Visit the project home page to read & learn more, listen to preview tracks, meet the artists & creators involved, and keep up with events, discussion, and additional recommended reading:

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