Premiere: “Sun Release” by Heron


Hailing from the wilds of Pennsylvania’s northwest, instrumental quartet Heron arrived on the post-rock scene like a rush of fresh mountain air with their 2017 debut album You Are Here Now, Right out of the gate, they showed a penchant for melodic invention, infectious energy, and exhilarating arrangements with admirable attention to the nuances of space, tone, and texture.

In their second full-length record out this summer, members Ben Blick (guitar), Eric Morelli (bass), Boyd Lewis (guitar), and Nate Blick (drums) have built on that solid foundation by employing those dynamics in a more refined and expansive compositonal framework. Sun Release is a collection of great post-rock songs each of which can easily stand on its own while fitting into an overarching narrative – a single, soaring arc that spans the whole record.

Here in an exclusive premiere is the closing title track and one which shows how the band can create an immersive atmosphere and then supercharge it with bursts of melodic momentum and crescendos that grow organically free of any vestiges of formulaic plodding or gratuitous bombast.  For Heron, Sun Release is the really opposite of a sophomore slump. It is an uplifting, beautiful record that will leave your ears basking in the glow of its corona even after music stops.

Links:  Bandcamp  |  Heron website

Sun Release will be available in its entirety beginning July 19, 2019.  Pre-order merch bundles of the CD and vinyl editions are available at the band’s online store.