Sound Impression: ‘Hothocleana’ by the volume settings folder


Since starting his ambient-drone-post rock music project in 2011, M. Beckmann has been making a unique brand of music as the volume settings folder while drawing on the “countryside ambience” of North-East Italy as his main inspiration. As Beckmann tells it, his process usually begins with a spontaneous rush of ideas which he then nurtures through a period of “music seasoning” which can involve months of post-production treatments to come up with the end product. While most of the albums and EPs produced over the past eight years – including some fine bespoke limited editions – have been self-released, there is a label to look to if you want to hear Beckmann’s finest work and that would be Oscarson. It is on this vinyl-centric imprint based in Germany that we find Laguna (2016), his lovely homage to memories of Venice, as well as his most recent album entitled Hothocleana.


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On this new record, Beckmann offers his some of his most delicate and tender work to date in the form of beautiful melodic shapes wrapped in a finespun gauze of temperate drones, soft tape hiss, and gently decaying loops.  It is also in some ways his most direct as the album prominently features the acoustic guitar in its most organic natural form.   Hothocleana offers a kind of affecting pastoral beauty and splendid filigree that makes it a place to get pleasurably lost in many times over, a real summer gem.

Hothocleana is out now on the Oscarson imprint both digitally and in a very limited 12″ lathe-cut clear vinyl LP with handmade cover including photos by Salvador Caballero Fernández (26 hand numbered copies).