Sound Impression: Orchestral Tape Studies


Since arriving on the scene less than a year ago, Indianapolis-based Past Inside the Present has rolled out a rather dazzling catalog of thoughtful and immersive ambient releases of exceptionally high quality. Among these is a pair of gems under the title of Orchestral Tape Studies. The first record is by “healing sound propagandist” zakè (扎克), an homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras in which fragmented orchestral loops have been compiled and woven together with oscillating repetitive strands of textural ambient drone. The result is a wonderful meditative exploration of liminality and tonality and one of the most serene and beautiful albums you could hope to enjoy.

The second album is a complete reworking of the first by Chicago-based Nick Turner aka Tyresta using a Mellotron, Fender Jazzmaster, delay & reverb to re-imagine each of the original pieces preserving their deeply contemplative nature while adding new dimensions of depth and opacity to create a more vivid melancholy from the same raw material. Taken together, these two complementary recordings offer over an hour of contemplative audio bliss.


Links: PITP Bandcamp | Past Inside the Present

Orchestral Tape Studies is available on CD an cassette while 100% of all digital proceeds will be donated toward a student scholarship with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO), a youth and family development program of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Orchestral Tape Studies [Tyresta Reworks] is available on cassette & digital only.